Dental Implants in Columbus OH

Permanently Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

Many adults will experience a missing tooth at some point during their life and are faced with the decision of how to move forward. Missing teeth can harm a person’s self-esteem, making them feel self-conscious about smiling or eating in public. It can also cause destructive jawbone loss. Dental Implants can be a permanent solution to a missing tooth and give the patient a reason to smile with confidence.

Implants: The Solution to Missing Teeth

A Dental Implant looks and function just like a natural tooth, and are the best choice for replacement because of their longevity.
A dental implant includes three separate components:

  1. A titanium screw that is placed into the jawbone
  2. A connecting piece called an “abutment”
  3. A tooth-colored crown that sits above the gum line, just like a natural tooth

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Osseointegration: A Game-Changer

In the middle of the 20th century, a Swedish physician, Per-Ingvar Branemark, discovered that titanium fuses very well with bone. Ever since then, the dental community has been working to perfect the dental implant process using titanium with great success.

Jawbone Loss

Teeth play a very important role in the preservation of jawbone. By regularly stimulating the jaw with chewing and biting actions, teeth keep the jawbone healthy. By contrast, when a person is missing a tooth, the jawbone steadily deteriorates. Dental implants preserve the jawbone by providing the stimulation needed to stay healthy.

Dental Implants: FAQ

What are dental implants like?

With a dental implant, you can eat, chew and bite with the same force you do with a healthy, normal tooth, and it feels exactly the same. In addition to that, it fills in the gaps in your smile, matching its neighboring teeth perfectly.

What are Dental Implants made of?

The implant itself (the screw) is made of titanium, which is a metal that is particularly good at fusing with bone in our bodies. The crown is usually made of ceramic or porcelain to look like your natural teeth.

Why should I replace missing teeth if no one can see them?

Without a tooth for regular stimulation, the jawbone will continuously deteriorate, eventually affecting facial aesthetics and making an implant in the future impossible.

Does dental implants surgery hurt?

We have various anesthesia and sedation options to keep you comfortable during the procedure. Most post-procedure discomfort is adequately controlled by over the counter pain medications such as ibuprofen. We will discuss pain control with you at your evaluation.

What is bone grafting?

Bone grafting is the process of growing bone to augment an area of the jaw that has receded, making it ready to support an implant.

How long does the dental implant process take?

The process can take anywhere from a few weeks to 12 months (or more), depending on how extensive your bone loss is, the area of concern, and other factors. Some people are able to have immediate-load implants (permanent implants placed the same day).

What if I am missing a lot of teeth?

An implant-supported overdenture is a great option for those who are missing an entire row of teeth. Four to six implants are placed into the jawbone, and a single row of dentures is attached to the implants.

How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants can last a lifetime when cared for properly!

Do dental implants require special care?

No. They require the same care that your natural teeth do! Brush twice, floss once daily, and see us for regular checkups and maintenance.

How much do dental implants cost?

While the upfront cost of dental implants is more than that of a bridge, dental implants last much longer and contribute to better oral health and the overall health of your body.

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